What is Brazilian straightening?

Brazilian smoothing is a deep, gentle and beautifying keratin treatment. It nourishes the hair with natural keratin and repairs hair weakened by coloring, bleaching, highlights, highlights and daily brushings.

Is Brazilian straightening a straightening?

Brazilian straightening is not straightening. Straightening is a lasting transformation that modifies the structure of the hair. Brazilian straightening is a keratin treatment that smoothes the hair, strengthens it and provides it with protection, hydration and shine. It does not modify the structure of the hair fiber.

Is Brazilian straightening suitable for all hair types?

Brazilian smoothing is effective on all hair types:

- European, Mediterranean, Afro, Asian, Métis hair...

- natural hair, curly, wavy, curly, frizzy...

- colored, bleached, highlighted, straightened, straightened hair...

Even damaged hair can undergo Brazilian straightening, unlike Japanese straightening, for example, which requires healthy hair. Damaged hair is radically transformed thanks to the product used which seals the gaps. Finally, the Brazilian smoothing is ideal to fight against humidity, frizz or even what we usually call the "foamy" effect of the hair.

How long does Brazilian smoothing last?

Depending on the type of hair, the effects of Brazilian straightening last between 3 and 6 months. Post-smoothing maintenance is essential to prolong the smoothing effect. The now straight hair needs to be nourished deeply. The Hydra-Intense range with shea butter prolongs the smoothing effect and provides the hair with all the hydration it needs, restoring vitality. Hair will be softer, shinier and easier to comb.

Will the hair be 100% straight with Brazilian straightening?

Brazilian straightening makes the hair 100% straight but also strengthens its resistance to humidity. No more curls or frizz! The hair will be sublimated, nourished, shinier.

Is Brazilian straightening compatible with permanent straightening and straightening?

Laura Sim's Brazilian Smoothing can be used on straightened hair: it will restore strength, suppleness and shine. It is best to perform your straightening 3 days before your straightening. Keratin, recognized for its restorative and nourishing properties, will fill in the gaps in the hair created by the chemical action of straightening and restore the keratin at the heart of the hair. It will be necessary after straightening to maintain your hair with moisturizing formulas adapted to your hair type. Your hair will thus be magnified for the duration of the straightening.

Can we do a Brazilian smoothing following recent and repeated highlights and colorings?

There are no contraindications even if it is preferable to achieve your color 3 days to 1 week before the Brazilian smoothing. The latter, unlike coloring or another hair technique, is not an aggressive chemical process on the hair. The structure of the hair will not be modified. Brazilian smoothing being a keratin-based treatment, the hair will be nourished, silkier and shinier. They will be sublimated by smoothing.

Is Laura Sim's Brazilian smoothing compatible with pregnancy or breastfeeding?

There are no medical contraindications prohibiting the use of a Laura Sim's Brazilian smoothing kit. Without formalin and with ingredients recognized for their cosmetic properties and their harmlessness, pregnant women or breastfeeding their child can use our Brazilian smoothing. The products in our kit do not go into the skin and remain in the scalp stage. Moreover, the natural ingredients of the products make their application completely harmless to the body.

Can Brazilian smoothing be suitable for children?

Brazilian smoothing can be applied to children from the age of 6 because it does not contain any trace of formaldehyde or any other product likely to damage the scalp of children.

Can a Brazilian straightening kit work for long hair?

For hair falling below the shoulders, it is best to use two straightening kits.


Can we do a Brazilian smoothing then extensions?

Brazilian smoothing does not weaken the hair but on the contrary provides it with all the nutrients necessary for its vitality. You can without fear make extensions after your straightening.

How long should you wait, after applying the Brazilian smoothing, to wash and color the hair?

We advise you to wait 2-3 days to wash your hair. Wait at least 10 days to do your coloring. The pigments will indeed have time to set. This is all the more important since Brazilian smoothing sometimes lightens the hair.

Does Brazilian straightening contain formalin?

Laura Sim's Brazilian smoothing kits are guaranteed formaldehyde and formaldehyde free. The formulas are developed in our laboratories in France in compliance with European regulations. Since its creation, Laura Sim's has always favored natural ingredients with powerful active ingredients in its formulas. Laura Sim's Brazilian smoothing thus contains Keratin and Brazil Nuts known for their strong moisturizing power.

Can Brazilian smoothing products be applied directly to the scalp?

The products contained in the Brazilian smoothing kit are not irritating to the skin. Thus wearing gloves during the application of the products of the kit is not mandatory. However, as the formulas of the kit are very rich in active ingredients, it is preferable not to apply the products directly to the scalp to prevent them from becoming greasy the following days.

Does one kit allow multiple applications?

The kit is suitable for one and only one application.

In step 2, after applying the volume reducing lotion, should you straighten your hair directly after washing and wetting it?

Before straightening, it is necessary to dry your hair 100% with a hair dryer from root to tip. Styling must be done with the fingers, without brush or comb, so as not to break the hair.

In the Brazilian smoothing kit, do I have to apply the volume reducing lotion?

The application of the lotion is mandatory, even if you do not have a lot of volume because it is this product that will allow the long-lasting smoothing effect on the hair.