Laura Sim's is a story of heritage and transmission through different cultures and generations.

At LS Paris, rigor and transparency are the keys to success. We make it a point of honor to ensure rigorous and permanent control of all our cosmetic products. We invest permanently in research and development in order to offer exceptional products at prices defying all competition. Between state-of-the-art active ingredients and innovative ingredients, we have developed a real know-how that we have maintained for more than fifteen years. Hair LS Care is an expertise in the formulation and production of high quality products.

Laura Sim's, a new perception of beauty

Often dry, dull, unruly and brittle our hair requires special attention. Hair LS Care products have been developed with care and attention to meet the hair needs of women and men with curly, curly and frizzy hair. We are constantly working on innovations in order to offer our customers the best in hair care.


The needs of our customers are at the center of all our innovations. The best in hair care and beauty should not only belong to a part of consumers. It is for this reason that we aim to provide the best in hair cosmetics for curly, frizzy and frizzy hair. We are committed to offering high quality products formulated with select ingredients.

Hair LS Care is where THE new way to love your hair begins.