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Their characteristics

Afro hair – dry by nature – is particularly fragile, elastic and breakable (few are the sebaceous glands at the level of the scalp). To strengthen them, use a complete range of hair care products that nourishes, reinforces and softens your hair.

Hair washing

The black scalp gets a little dirty because it does not produced sebaceous secretions. Wash your hair maximum once a week with a mild and hydrating shampoo.

How to brush your hair

The brushing is essential. Brush your hair before washing it in order to untangle it and eliminate some of impurities and product residue.

An adequate hair care program is essential to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

Once a week, offer to your hair a complete Laura Sim’s HYDRA-INTENSE hair care product line with Shea butter.  This program allows your hair to be deeply hydrated and nourished.

CEDA is the first company specialized in the research and the development of the ethno-cosmetic products using plant and fruit extracts taken from the Amazonian rainforest.
Laura Sim's is a professional brand of high-quality hair care products specially adapted to the specific characteristics of the hair.
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